The vineyard

Le Bois Sacré is a small vineyard of 4 ha planted on the terroir of the Jurançon appellation, on hills facing South / South-East toward the Pyrenees, at 280 meters above sea level. The Béarnais climate benefits from both the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees, which give freshness and softness to our wines. Our soils are limestone-sandy, from Puddingues de Jurançon, with sandstone pebbles rich in mica and iron, which promote citrus-like aromas and minerality. The vines were planted 30 years ago with the indigenous Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng grapes, which make our white wines dry and mellow.
We strive to have our vines be a reflection of the global and traditional scale of the farm ; surrounded by forests and meadows, occupied by sheep in the winter, nourished with cow manure, treated with plants (in addition to copper and sulfur), they are a part of a whole that guarantees the balance of soils and biodiversity.
A large part of the work is done manually from pruning to the harvest, which allows us to work carefully towards the best possible balance for the plants, and observe their behavior in order to deepen our knowledge of the terroir.
Neither attracted by organic labels nor scientists by nature, our approach is very demanding, but not dogmatic. We are aware of the consequences of certain methods and their damage to soils, streams and human, and we are convinced of the need to implement more respectful practices. But not to fall into the inverse trap, nature is no more our ally than our enemy and mildew will eat our vines if we do nothing, so it is. It is up to us to try to have a thoughtful approach, between the experience of the elders and the agronomic revolution that comes.