The cellar

A cellar gives life to wine, and in this it must be more than a place of alimental processing; We are fortunate to be surrounded by "old stones" which, apart from their technical strengths for maintaining constant temperatures and humidity, possess the natural charm to give character and consistency to such a place.
In order to acquire a complete, functional and efficient working tool, so that the hard work accomplished each year in the vineyard is honored and our wines are made with the utmost care, we have undertaken the renovation of two barns on the farm. One in winemaking cellars and the other in storage cellars. The cellar was ready to receive the vintage 2017.
Because it is above all, with beautiful grapes that one achieves great wine, we strive to obtain a healthy harvest and maturation despite any obstacles encountered throughout the year, which determines the potential of the future wine.
At the cellar, we think that wine-making consists of being more guide than master, listening to wine, accompanying it and intervening at the right time to achieve combining the three aspects that make it such an extraordinary drink : first, the pleasure of the taste, because it goes without saying that it’s the first thing anyone desires when a bottle is uncorked. Next, the expression of the terroir ; wine’s identification which testifies to the place, the year, and the particular people which make each vintage unique and gives the wine this incredible palette of nuances between Regions and within an area. Finally, the aging ability, which, like a bottle-shaped time machine, revives memories, tells stories and provokes admiration.
This is what we aspire for our wines. It requires great precision and application. Balance is delicate to achieve, but we are happy that drinking this work is a great reward!